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modern space, always sophisticated and elegant

by Dorigodesign

Founded by Fiorenzo Dorigo in 1992, DorigoDesign is a furniture, product and interior design studio.

Fiorenzo was born in Treviso, Italy, in 1953, and started working on design and image for the furniture industry in 1975, whilst studying art and design.
He is a member of ADI (Industrial Design Association) and has been a freelance designer since 1987.

From his studio in Conegliano, Italy, Fiorenzo works together with senior designer Luca Garbet and the team. Architectural designer Massimo Dorigo is the London based studio representative.

Related to the modern office with a contemporary and international lifestyle.

Gallery is a project conceived for a modern space, always sophisticated and elegant. The geometry, simplicity, the contemporary expression of the taste in the measured, balanced and carefully designed elements.




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