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elegant simplicity combined with aesthetically pleasing finishes

by Estellesdesign

Susana MartÌnez EstellÈs is an Industrial Designer, who after working 5 years for the Valencia Fair organization designing stands and setting of the pavilions and another 4 years for Ofifran developing office furniture collections, decides to stablish her own studio EstellesDesign in the year 2000.

Distinctive and impact elements

A light and urban collection that represents a style that is a hybrid of high-tech materials and quality: metal, glass, leather and natural wood. The semitransparent architecture of the furniture creates an image of a manager with a modern character, open minded and decided. The durability of the metal, ease of the glass and the warmth of the natural wood, all in conjunction expresses a desire of perfection and creates a complete avant-garde approach. It is an office for bright people who want to be at the pinnacle of success, fashion, and above their competitors.




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